2015 Review

As 2015 comes to a close we like to recall some of the great music our clients have worked on. Huge thanks to all the labels, managers, publishers and the wonderful recording Artist’s that we have worked with this year. Its been incredible. Happy Christmas and our best for the coming year. Team 1 2 One.

All Recordings have been worked on by 1 2 One clients and are available on Spotify via the artists or labels official feeds only.

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Michael Angelo news

Apple Music Sweden picks Sabina Ddumba as Best New Artist for 2015. 1 2 One client Michael Angelo produced and co wrote her biggest smash hit single “Effortless” which is now platinum. Congratulations all round.


Michael also just extended his publishing deal with Tile Yard Music Publihsing. Is seen here L to R with Michael Harwood Director (Tile Yard) Michael Angelo, and his manager Paul Kennedy.


Natalie Williams

The new studio album “Kaleidoscope” from Natalie Williams is out and it offers a real bag of music treats for the season. This established singer songwriter went straight into the top twenty singer songwriter charts on iTunes (20th Nov) on its first day of release, on a day that the world was also focused on one of the biggest artists on the planet, Adele’s new album 25. Proving Natalie’s real reach and now global appeal even while only on her own record label. We are very proud to have published this wonderful recording artist for many years now via our publishing arm Eastside Music Publishing with Peer Music as our partner for the world. Kaleidoscope on iTunes

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